Mission:  All who enter Rockfish Presbyterian Church find a consistently safe,
comfortable, and clean environment.


A.  The building is accessible to any who wish to use it regardless of physical

B.  The facility’s structural soundness, cleanliness, and temperature are   

C.  Maintenance is planned for proactively so as to minimize unexpected


1.  Prepare and execute an annual budget for maintaining the church building
and exterior lighting in consultation with the Stewardship Ministry Team and
with approval of the Session.

2.  Plan and implement building maintenance and cleaning schedules utilizing a
mix of outside service companies and ministry team volunteers.

3.  Resolve occasional unscheduled maintenance problems and repairs on a
timely basis.

4.  Prepare a revolving three year plan regarding maintenance or changes that
are necessary to achieve Goal C.

5.  Purchase and stock sufficient custodial supplies.

6.  Recruit new members for the Building Ministry Team as needed.

7.  Make a monthly report to Session including written recommendations for

Chairperson:  Ken Engebretson