Called to be a Light in the Rockfish Valley
Serving GOD with JOY and GENEROSITY
Christian Discipleship

1. Prepare and administer an annual budget in consultation with the Stewardship
Ministry Team and with the approval of the Session.

2. Plan and implement Christian Education programs for children, youth and adults,
including, but not limited to:

a.        Sunday morning classes;
b.        Confirmation classes;
c.        Women’s Bible study
d.        Adult small study groups.

3. Purchase Gift Bibles and books to mark milestones in the faith journeys of our
children and youth.

4. Secure teachers and substitutes for educational programs and present to Session
for approval.

5. Select and/or approve materials for all children, youth, and adult Christian  
Education programs and consult with adult groups providing guidance and

6. Plan and implement summer educational experiences.

7. Sponsor seasonal activities and intergenerational learning events.

8. Maintain the Church Library.

9.  Provide for youth fellowship activities (Middle and High School age).

10. Recruit new members for the Christian Discipleship Ministry Team as needed

Christian Education Chair: Dana Ogilvie