Mission:  The outside property of Rockfish Presbyterian Church is maintained so
that it is visually appealing, environmentally friendly, easily accessible,
and physically safe.

A.  Plantings, landscaping, and other vegetation are well maintained   

B.  The parking lot and playground are well maintained and kept safe and

C.  Any major additions or changes proposed are assessed for environmental
impact prior to implementation.


1.  Develop and administer an annual budget in consultation with the Stewardship
Ministry Team and with the approval of the Session.

2.  Recruit volunteer labor as needed for maintenance of grounds including the
children’s playground.

3.  Contract with necessary landscaping, snow removal, and other professionals
for seasonal service and other needs that are beyond the scope of volunteer labor.

4.  Submit a revolving three-year plan for grounds maintenance and development.

5.  Make a monthly report to Session including written recommendations for action.

6.  Recruit new members for the Grounds Ministry Team as needed.

Chairpersons:  Greg Frahm, Chair; Mike Smythers, CoChair