Hospitality Team

Mission:  Visitors and new members of Rockfish Presbyterian Church feel welcome and are
encouraged to become an active part of the Church’s ministry according to their inclinations and
gifts.  All congregants are encouraged in fellowship.

A  Visitors to RPC are identified and welcomed, fellowship is encouraged.
B.        Visitors are encouraged to join.  Those who express interest are provided information on how
to join and their entry into membership is celebrated.
C.        Ways to be involved in the life of the church are identified and new members are encouraged
to become involved according to their inclinations and gifts.
(This Team currently has no budget, work with other Teams when items need to be purchased or
approach Session with proposal)
1.        Make a monthly report to Session including written recommendations for action.
2.        Carry out the following activities to the best of the Team’s abilities.
3.        Recruit new members for the Hospitality MT as needed.

The following sub-committees, each with a volunteer/appointed chair are suggested to execute
various tasks.
Guest Station
Name tags
Coffee Hour
Bulletin Board
Cards to Visitors and Guests
Newcomer Baskets or Bread
Website (limited!)

1.        Evaluate Signage from the visitor’s perspective.  
2.        Work with the appropriate Teams to identify, order and install any needed signs to enhance
the newcomers experience.

1.  Work with church secretary to add and update pictures of members as needed
2.        Produce (print, copy, collate, staple) directories as needed
3.        Distribute paper copies as needed, especially to newcomers

2 greeters stand inside the RPC doors to welcome people as the enter, paying special attention to
visitors and guests.  
1.        Identify good candidates for greeters. Recruit them.
2.        Train greeters.
3.        Organize and schedule greeters .

Guest Station (currently the Narthex table)
1.        Create and maintain area with information for newcomers

Name tags
1.        Maintain sign-up area for name tags
2.        Work with church secretary to make sure name tag system is working smoothly.   
3.        Create and maintain area to hang/store name tags
4.        Encourage congregants to wear name tags

Coffee Hour
1.        Design a plan for how volunteers will be organized (monthly? weekly?)
2.        Implement a sign-up system and/or recruit volunteers
3.        Provide church secretary the list of volunteers, so reminders may be sent.
(Coffee Hour supplies will be ordered by Congregation Life Ministry Team)

Bulletin Board
1.        Take pictures of new members
2.        Design and maintain a bulletin board area highlighting new members pictures
3.        Maintain and organize triangle bulletin board in the narthex

Cards to Visitors
1.        Work with church office to obtain a list of recent visitors
2.        Follow-up with a card to visitors encouraging them to come again

Newcomer Baskets or Bread
1.        Work with card writers to get a list of recent visitors and guests
2.        Create small baskets of treats (fair-trade coffee?) or bread
3.        Deliver baskets/bread to newcomers or ask pastor to deliver

1.        Work with pastor to notify newcomers about “Inquiry” classes
2.        Help introduce newcomers to others and/or match newcomers with sponsoring members to
help guide them into church life
3.        Recruit members to act as sponsors for newcomers

1.        Work with the pastor to determine advertising/ promotional needs of the church
2.        Work with the pastor & office staff to design pamphlets, hand-outs, ads as needed
3.        Seek financial support from Session as needed for these activities

1.        Work with the pastor and office staff to update website as needed

Chairpersons:        Ralph Frink and John Porter