Called to be a Light in the Rockfish Valley
Serving GOD with JOY and GENEROSITY
Site One - Yard Work for a Friend
Quote from Homeowner - "I don't have to be ashamed anymore!"
Site Three - Roofing, Plumbing, Floor Leveling,
Closet Building, Ditch Digging, etc., etc.
Nellie and Betty - Our Food Angels

On Saturday, the 26th of April, a fairly large group of our congregation, about 40 or so, spent their day,
prying, measuring and mitering, and even  . . . drinking and dining.  Can you tell I also spent 2 nights that
weekend watching my daughter in Seussical the musical ? ? ?  Anyway, under the leadership of Captain
Dwight McCall and his Lieutenants Will Dinwiddie and Frankie Brooks, we had teams of workers at 3
different homes and were able to make quite a difference in the look, feel and day to day living standards
of some of our fellow Nelson Countians.   A great day of fellowship and hard work was had by all.  So,
mark your calendars now for next year’s Rebuilding Together event on April 25th .  Hope to see you there !
                                                                                                             - Kristin Jones
How do ya turn
this thing on?
Cap'n Dwight
surely has
Do YOU remember
how to get down?
I think it should go a little to the left...
I get all wobbly when I stand up...
Peter Fonda?
You put your
left foot in...
You put your
left foot out...
John's having
salad tonight!
And then I sez
to him, I sez...
Top o' the world...
You want ME
to do WHAT?
Whack!  Doh!
I'd be on a ROOF!
Anybody remember the
words to Kum Ba Yah?
Then I grabbed
him by the
nose and I...
Keep a diggin'
I tell ya,
thar's gold!
kin we go fishin'?