Serving GOD with JOY and GENEROSITY
  • Jamie Heard, Captain
  • Stu Armstrong
  • Alyssa Mische
  • Lloyd Billeter
  • Agnes Schrider
  • David Cameron
Ryan Armstrong, Nancy and Bill
Nevill's seven year old grandson, was
our chief honoree.  Read below about
Ryan.  We also remembered Julian,
Steve and Olivia Ellis' grandson who
died of leukemia four years ago to the
day of the St. Baldrick's Shave-in.
Ryan Armstrong was diagnosed with pre-B All
(Leukemia) stage 2 on May 1st of 2006. He had just
treatment protocol and achieved remission within 8
days. Thankfully, he remains in remission.

He is treated by the fabulous doctors and nurses at
Cooks Children's Hospital
in Fort Worth. Ryan enjoys his Wii gamebox, TV
cartoons and playing Polamon cards with his
friends. He rides bikes with the neighborhood kids
and plays withhis dog and cat.

Ryan still has his ups and downs as he continues
with his Chemo, but overall he remains a happy
little boy. We have been blessed by family, friends,
medical staff and our church family in many ways
as we have journeyed through this fight with cancer.
We know God is in control and we are relying on
Him for our strength.
By Way of Identification

Jesus didn't need to be baptized for repentance of
sins.  But he chose to be baptized by John as a way
of identifying more closely with us.

In this spirit of identification, six members of
Rockfish Presbyterian Church teamed up as The
Rockfish Knuckle Heads to shave our heads in
solidarity with those who must endure
chemotherapy and to raise money for the St. in the
country for childhood cancer research.  The
Knuckle Heads raised close to $9,000 to take first
place among the teams.  Jamie Heard, captain of
the Knuckleheads, was the number two individual
fund raiser of the over 80 participants.
** See Photos Below **
Knuckle Heads
Allysa Mische - First to Go