Mission:  The congregation of Rockfish Presbyterian Church has a deep gratitude for the
gifts of God and a joyful generosity of time, talents, and financial resources born of
that gratitude.

A.        Promote mission awareness and outreach to others in Christ’s name as a
primary focus of the church.

B.        The congregation knows the fruits of its generosity in the past and the
opportunities that need support in the future.

1.  Involve Ministry Teams in developing an annual operating budget including a
budget for the Stewardship Ministry Team..

2.  Prepare and present in a timely manner each year a total Rockfish Presbyterian
Church budget to the Session for approval, and present and interpret that budget
to the congregation at the annual meeting.

3.  Develop and oversee a process for the accurate receipt, accounting, and disbursal
of funds.
4. Keep the Session informed in a timely manner regarding budgetary irregularities
and recommended remedies.

5.  Oversee all bequests, investment accounts, and memorial funds including a
process for encouraging gifts and bequest and for making appropriate use of these
accounts and funds in consultation with the Session and the families involved.

6.  Oversee the development of a databank of congregational interests and talents
and encourage Ministry Teams and the Nominating Committee to use this data
bank to broadly involve the congregation in the life of the church.

7.  Develop and execute an annual timeline of publicity and events geared toward
educating the congregation on issues of stewardship.  This will culminate in an
annual Commitment Sunday.

8.  Arrange for educational materials and speakers for the congregation concerning
methods of giving to the church.

9.  Make a monthly report to the Session including written recommendations for

10.  Recruit new members for the Stewardship Ministry Team as needed.

Chairperson:  Wendy Culberson
Called to be a Light in the Rockfish Valley
Serving GOD with JOY and GENEROSITY