Serving GOD with JOY and GENEROSITY
Mission:  Members and friends of Rockfish Presbyterian Church worship the triune
God sincerely, responsively, and with devotion in a joyful and respectful atmosphere.


A.  Orderly services of worship occur each Sunday and on special days in the
church year, and the sacraments of communion and baptism are celebrated
in a manner consistent with the Reformed tradition.

B.  Roles and responsibilities of worship leaders are coordinated.

C. The necessary space, furniture, and articles used in worship are properly  
arranged and maintained.


1.  Prepare and administer an annual budget in consultation with the
Stewardship Ministry Team and with the approval of Session.

2. Seek the guidance of God through the Holy Spirit in planning and implementing all
worship experiences.

3. Meet regularly with the pastor(s) and the music director to plan, implement, and
evaluate worship experiences.

4. Oversee the music program and support the work of the Music Director by facilitating
communication with worship leaders, providing a budget for music, offering
encouragement, and assisting the pastor(s) in a periodic performance evaluation.

5.  Recruit and train volunteers as liturgists, ushers, greeters, and communion  

6.  Assist the pastor(s) by coordinating special services including but not limited
to:  Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter, Christmas Eve, Laity Sunday,
and an annual service outdoors.

7. Provide support for the worshipful observance of weddings and funerals.

8.  Recruit and host guest worship leaders in the absence of the pastor(s) and
arrange honoraria for the guests through the treasurer in a timely manner.  

Chairperson: Phyllis Savides