2014 Mission Trip for Youth        
                     Seeking Solutions for Feeding the Homeless and Hungry
                                                     in Washington D.C.

Five Youth from Rockfish Presbyterian Church took the NE Regional train to
Washington the last weekend in April, accompanied by parent Jill Averitt and
Olivia Ellis.  They joined up with Pastor Louie at the American Indian
Museum, went next door to the Botanic Garden where a stunning "Symphony
of the Orchids" was on display.  Through the blossoming cherry trees they
saw the Capitol, the reflecting pool, all of the monuments, ending with Martin
Luther King, Jr. and  President Lincoln.  Five miles of walking and wondering
left them with just enough energy to shop at Whole Foods for the bags of
nutritional snacks they would take to the National Cathedral and leave at
Lincoln's feet the next morning.  Accompanied by our host family's daughter,
Lucy, the 1.4 mile walk to the Cathedral included the placing of Youth
offerings at Lincoln's pantry, reading and rereading his Farewell to the
People of Springfield, the lighting of candles for each student's healing
requests, silent prayers in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, listening to the
morning message, touring the lower chapels and then visiting the Bishops
Garden where multitudes of tulips greeted them.

Next was walking and riding the bus to St. Stephen's Church were Loaves
and Fishes welcomed them in assisting with the noon time meal for a huge
room full of homeless and hungry men.  Humbled by the sight, our Youth
worked with a great outpouring of love and compassion.  Joined by Lucy's big
brother, Jake, they cleaned up afterward, put away all of the chairs and
tables, swept up and made their way back home again with full hearts and a
heightened desire to continue that service at RPC.  Our gratitude for this
opportunity is boundless.